Breathe by Galahawk
A months-old WIP I finally decided to finish. So much neat Lati@s art lately and I wanted to contribute! <3
I remember when I first saw Latias and Latios I thought their “mask” markings were actually helmets and that they could remove them. Would have been pretty cool if that was a real thing but without their masks they just look like bunny rabbits pretending to be dragons.
I’m finding newer and more fun ways to draw these guys all the time.
A cute little mini painting I did to wrap up my in-class painting sessions.Featuring cute little Kate, the Absol. uvu
Plush Portrait 3 by Galahawk
And now this trio is done. I’ll upload all three in a compilation to my website later tonight I guess.
Plush Portrait 2 by Galahawk
Wow, look at me. Actually sharing my paintings like a NORMAL PERSON.
Sorry for not posting any more wips lately but I have way too much to do lately it’s been completely slipping my mind. So have some paintings in the meantime!!(the third one is currently in progress so hang tight)
It’s such a shame that my fourth favorite Pokemon is cursed with having such a dead tag. Drawing these guys is almost therapeutic for me at this point.
Listened to Laverre City’s music on repeat while drawin’ this guy here.
Plush Portrait 1 by Galahawk
Done! Time to move on to the next in the series.
god bless the fact that more screenshots came out and that this time I actually had references to work form. This is MUCH better than my last attempt!
I’m unsure if I like how mega Latias turned out but in the meantime I’m just going to fawn over the fact that this is the best mega Latios I’ve drawn yet.I tried imitating Henry’s coloring style because god your colors are so gorgeous and I’m trying to learn to make mine look that good too. ;A;