I caught two different people removing the commentary from my Virizion picture.
In the future, consider the following: Don’t. It’s extremely rude. It shows that you don’t care about the artist as opposed to just their art. It also shows that you don’t care for your followers seeing WHO made that piece.

My art blog isn’t that popular. I need all of the traffic that I can get and you are robbing me of that. And heaven forbid that somebody actually reblogs your version sans source, because then you’re only screwing me over even more.
Unless the OP wrote something honest-to-god offensive in their description, you have no excuse. Don’t be inconsiderate just because you may not have enjoyed my commentary; either leave it intact or don’t reblog it at all.

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I hit 100 followers! \o/
Thanks to everyone who’s taken an interest in my art, I promise not to let y’all down in the future.

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> gets frustrated drawing Finch> draws more Finch> /dying whale noises
Not Your Toy by Galahawk
I actually don’t think I’ve ever drawn Finch angry before. Least not THIS angry. Boy this was an experience.