Juxtaposition of a “wet” object in a “dry” environment.
I’m really proud of this one!
Plush Portrait 2 by Galahawk
Wow, look at me. Actually sharing my paintings like a NORMAL PERSON.
Sorry for not posting any more wips lately but I have way too much to do lately it’s been completely slipping my mind. So have some paintings in the meantime!!(the third one is currently in progress so hang tight)
Been working on my table layout for Directions in my spare time and oh my god table displays are fun to do.
Also on display (but not pictured here) will be my laptop with my sites queue’d up, a small sketchbook that will be used as a guestbook, and HOPEFULLY this weekend I can get myself a tablecloth and get some cute little take-away pamphlets printed.
Guess who watched Akira.Now guess who my favorite characters are.
Also have a wip from my first session adding the color on this new painting. I got a little farther than this before I quit for the day but I forgot to take pictures so this is what you get until my next session is done.
I think I did pretty well for only two and a half hours of work here!
My latest finished oil still life, feat. fat meeps.