Finished commission for Kade!What are feet and how to they work? I just don’t know. Decided to try out a somewhat limited palette here.
(btw commissions are also open on the basis of like, if you ask me I’ll probably say “sure why not”)
Breathe by Galahawk
A months-old WIP I finally decided to finish. So much neat Lati@s art lately and I wanted to contribute! <3
I need to draw Finch more because wow what a cuteI might make this picture my new Facebook header image but I dunno, we’ll see.
I remember when I first saw Latias and Latios I thought their “mask” markings were actually helmets and that they could remove them. Would have been pretty cool if that was a real thing but without their masks they just look like bunny rabbits pretending to be dragons.
I’m finding newer and more fun ways to draw these guys all the time.
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